What Is the Best Mouth Rinse?

Have you ever found yourself at your grocery store dental aisle looking for a good mouth rinse? Many people find themselves confronting a bewildering variety of products without any real information to help guide their choice.

As a dentist, I test out various products to provide recommendations for my patients. Let’s narrow the list down so that you can find the best mouth rinse for yourself and your family.


Listerine Naturals

There is a large and growing movement towards using more natural types of ingredients in consumer products. Listerine Naturals is a mouth rinse with a 99 percent natural formula that is advertised as being “equally effective” as their original Listerine product. It is formulated without any artificial flavors, dyes or sweeteners.

All of Listerine Naturals’ ingredients are derived from plant sources, such as oil of wintergreen, mint and eucalyptus. An herbal mint flavor is a popular choice. 

And Listerine Naturals leaves behind that familiar, tingly, fresh mouth feeling that Listerine is known for!


Therabreath Fresh Breath

This is a really good combination mouth rinse that leaves you with decidedly fresher breath. It keeps bacteria away from your teeth and gums, leaving behind a distinct feeling of a cleaner mouth.


Dental Herb Co Tooth & Gums Tonic

Tooth & Gums Tonic is a non-staining and alcohol-free mouth rinse containing a blend of essential oils and herbal extracts. It has a minty fresh taste, and is helpful for controlling gum inflammation and bleeding, as well as for mouth sores and dry mouth.

Most dental patients use this product for treating inflammation and gingivitis, as well as for banishing bad breath. Orthodontic patients also use Tooth & Gums Tonic to help minimize gingivitis around brackets without any stains like some products.


Listerine UltraClean Zero Alcohol 

If you’re looking for a mouth rinse for those with sensitive gums, you should consider Listerine UltraClean Zero Alcohol. Although the product does contain a small amount of dye, it’s not enough to cause staining.

This is a great all-around mouth rinse that is designed to not cause any stinging or burning sensations. And since it contains fluoride, you’ll want to wait at least 20 minutes before eating or drinking anything.


Crest 3D White

If you’re looking for a whitening mouthwash, Crest 3D White may fit the bill. It contains a fair amount of hydrogen peroxide to maintain white teeth or to slowly whiten them.


The Takeaway

There is no shortage of mouth rinses to help you control bad breath and prevent cavities. These products are also helpful in combating conditions like gingivitis, receding gums, plaque buildup and dry mouth.

Don’t let up on your regular brushing and flossing, even if you are using mouth rinses regularly. It is also important to use mouth rinses displaying the ADA Seal of Acceptance. And don’t forget to keep up with your regular dental exams and cleanings.


Thanks for your support!

Dr. Houlik



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