Teeth Extractions and Removal

Removing broken and infected teeth provides relief to patients when the tooth is beyond repair. Often necessary to eliminate pain and infection, tooth extraction requires expert know-how, experience, and a compassionate approach. The team at Houlik Family Dentistry cares about your mouth, smile, and oral health.

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Eliminate Decay and Infection

The goal is always to keep your original teeth whenever possible. When the alternative is required, Dr. Houlik extracts the problem tooth with minimal disruption to the rest of the mouth. The professional team at Houlik Family Dentistry performs teeth extractions and removals with expert care. 

With the right equipment and experience, extraction relieves patients suffering from irreparable tooth decay and infection. When a tooth is broken down and saving it is not an option, tooth extraction is the most effective option for restoring the health and function of your mouth. Following extraction, Houlik Family Dentistry offers a variety of tooth replacement options.

When Tooth Extraction is Required

Tooth extraction and removal are required when a significant portion of the tooth is destroyed, and an infection is present. Deep decay can make successful restoration impossible. Sometimes, a mouth can be too crowded for all the teeth, and some are removed to prevent crowding. Dr. Houlik performs tooth extractions with gentle care and compassion. Call Houlik Family Dentistry today to schedule an exam.

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