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Emergency Dental Care

Tooth and mouth pain can come on strong and be brutal. Getting relief right away is important. Dr. Houlik and the team at Houlik Family Dentistry respond to dental emergencies with compassion and quick action. Unexplained swelling, excruciating pain, excessive bleeding, broken teeth, abscesses and infections can lead to  life-threatening illness. Call Houlik Family Dentistry immediately.

Dental Work Outside of Regular Hours

When it matters most, count on Houlik Family Dentistry for emergency dental care. Rearranging schedules and making room for emergent needs, the talented and trusted professionals at Houlik Family Dentistry are here to help. 

Conveniently located near 21st & Tyler in west Wichita, Houlik Family Dentistry is open 4 days a week for regularly scheduled appointments.  Same day, emergency appointments are available 7 days a week. An answering service takes calls on nights and weekends. You’ll hear back from Dr. Houlik right away.

Emergency Pediatric Dentistry

Emergency pediatric dentistry is frequently required following sports injuries, car wrecks and other accidents. Delayed treatment risks infection and tooth loss. Hard impacts to teeth and gums can cause lasting damage when left untreated. Call Houlik Family Dentistry anytime for dental emergencies.