Teeth Whitening

Healthy, white teeth say so much! Houlik Family Dentistry uses a combination of whitening methods to achieve great results. Dr. Houlik offers in-office Opalescence whitening, Custom bleach trays, Opalescence On The Go Whitening, at-home tips, and product recommendations. Schedule a consultation today with Houlik Family Dentistry, you’ll leave with a smile.

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Confident, Healthy Smiles

Along the continuum of cosmetic dental care, teeth whitening is the place to start.  Healthy, white teeth are the core to self-confidence. Make a noticeable improvement to your smile with easy and affordable teeth whitening.  Teeth whitening procedures and safe and effective.

Houlik Family Dentistry Whitens Teeth

Among the many services and procedures performed at Houlik Family Dentistry, teeth whitening has a lot of impact. This painless, quick, and affordable service provides lasting results. Brighten your smile and welcome the world with a healthy, white smile.

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