Oral Surgery Procedures

Oral surgery resolves many dental health concerns with ease and long lasting results. Oral surgery procedures that occur most often at Houlik Family Dentistry include dental implants, bone grafting, teeth extractions and wisdom teeth removal. If you’re looking for a skilled and trusted dentist, contact Houlik Family Dentistry for an exam and consultation.

Same-Day Surgical Specialists

Simple surgical procedures remove abscessed teeth and restore jaw lines. Extractions discard teeth that are too damaged for treatment. With bone grafting surgery, crumbling jaw bones grow together with synthetic bone to fix jaws too weak for dental implants or decayed by gum disease. 

When there is not enough room for third molars to develop, Dr. Houlik removes them to prevent shifting teeth. Wisdom teeth removal typically occurs in a patient's teenage years and the procedure requires anesthesia.

Oral Surgery at Houlik Family Dentistry

Houlik Family Dentistry understands that oral surgery can be scary. To ease your fears and make procedures as painless as possible, the team communicates clearly. Providing follow-up care recommendations to prevent infection and hasten healing, Houlik’s hygienists walk through the process with you.