Dental Implants

When teeth are missing, dental implants take their place. Dental implants provide patients with beautiful, healthy smiles and fully functional replacement teeth. Dentures, crowns and bridges attached to dental implants are sturdy solutions that last.

Titanium Roots and Permanent Restoration

Dr. Houlik surgically places titanium posts below the gums that integrate directly with the jaw bone. As new bone forms around the prosthetic implant, it stabilizes and grows stronger. Once fully healed, implant supported dentures connect to the posts. The posts can also attach to dental bridges and crowns. 

Houlik Family Dentistry understands the importance of a confident smile. Dental implants return full functionality to teeth and produce beautiful smiles. Dental implants provide patients with a straightforward approach to tooth replacement.

Genuine Smiles from Houlik Family Dentistry

Dental implant patients love their new smile from Houlik Family Dentistry. Stable and strong, dental implants provide confident smiles. Implants look and feel like your original teeth. Call or come by Houlik Family Dentistry with questions about dental implants and the solutions that’s right for your missing teeth.