Dental Implant Restorations

Dental implant restoration replaces missing teeth with artificial teeth on titanium posts. In this process, an implant fuses with the bone over time and an artificial tooth is attached to the implant.  For many people with missing teeth, dental implant restorations offer effective relief from pain and disease.

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Long Term Planning and Relationships

Don’t let embarrassment caused by missing teeth keep you from enjoying everyday life. Houlik Family Dentistry takes a gentle and personalized approach to each patient’s dental work. Committed to lifelong oral health, Dr. Houlik develops dental restoration plans with you in mind. 

Many people with missing teeth explore dental implants from among the restorative options. Benefits from this procedure include improved health, appearance, and confidence. Dental implant restorations provide form and function to your mouth with a sturdy, long term solution.

Free Consultations for Implant Restoration

Feel confident in the process and the results, schedule a free consultation to learn more. Dr. Houlik and the team at Houlik Family Dentistry have the answers you’re looking for regarding dental implant restoration. Here to ease your fears, the Houlik Family Dentistry team communicates clearly, provides detailed information, and guides you through the procedure.

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