How to use professional custom bleach trays

Opalescence Custom Bleach and Teeth Whitening Gel: The Basics

The journey to teeth whitening with professional products can be intimidating. When my patients want to be sure they’re using a high quality professional product to whiten, Opalescence is my go-to recommendation. 

However, with first time professional whitening users, there tend to be a few questions on how to get started and best practices… I’m here to help!

One of the things I talk to patients about is how to put bleach gel into custom trays the right way, and why this is so important.

Opalescence bleach gel syringe and custom bleach tray

I recommend storing the teeth whitening bleach gel in the fridge, this will actually double its shelf life. These gels last about 12 months on their own and up to 24 months when stored in the fridge.

The gel syringe has 3 main parts: the syringe itself, the small plastic cap on the tip, and the needle nose applicator. All of these parts are important to keep, I’ve had patients remove the needle nose applicator which will cause them to put way too much gel into the tray. 

To apply the gel, remove the small plastic cap from the syringe, take the clean and dry tray, and dab a tiny dot into each of the tooth slots. A little goes a long way with the gel – look at my photo below for reference. 

Gel dot on the right of the tray

Dab the tiny dot into each tooth and don’t spread it out. Once this is done, the tray is ready to whiten! Simply replace the cap and put the gel syringe back in the fridge to be stored until the next use.

Hopefully this helped to answer some beginner questions!


Thanks for your support, 

Dr. Joseph Houlik



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