Are baby teeth even important?

Aren’t baby teeth just going to fall out anyway, why are they important?

Yes, they are going to fall out. But, yes, they are very important! Here’s why:

  1. They help your child develop proper speech
    All the structures in and around your mouth like teeth, lips, tongue, etc. all work together and play a large role in the proper development of your child’s speech.
  2. Chewing food
    Baby teeth are important in breaking down and making your child’s food digestible. Without healthy teeth, they may not be able to properly chew their food.
  3. Spacing
    In short, they keep space for permanent teeth. Some baby teeth are actually larger than the permanent teeth that will replace them! When baby teeth are lost early or prematurely, your permanent teeth are more likely to shift around.

Overall, while baby teeth may seem temporary, they are a large part of the foundation for your child’s lifelong dental health.

Thanks for your support,

Dr. Houlik



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