4 Things to Always Expect From Your Dental Office

4 Things to Always Expect From Your Dental Office

As a patient, you are the foundation of our practice. Without patients we wouldn’t have anyone to treat. Keep your expectations high for your dentist and for your dental office–we are here to provide care to you! Thank you for your trust.

  1. Warm and friendly greeting
    When you come to see your dentist you should be greeted with a smile and they should be excited to see you (even if you’re not excited to be there). When they take you back to the dental chair, the whole flow of things should feel warm and welcoming and be an overall positive experience.
  2. Great communication
    Make sure that your dentist is communicating well and giving you full transparency in regards to the treatment and any questions you may have. Your dentist should be able to explain things clearly to you and give concise reasoning as to why they want to give you specific treatment!
  3. Respect
    How do all the team members treat each other? Is your dental office a good cohesive unit? Respect within the team is reflective of the office values and is a key indicator of whether or not they will be respectful of you and your time and make you feel comfortable!
  4. Cleanliness
    Obviously, this is a healthcare setting. Make sure your environment is clean and organized and you feel comfortable getting your dental care there!

Overall, you should always expect great value from your dental practice. I hope your dentist does not make you feel like a number. You are the backbone of our practice and it should always feel that way!

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